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Grant Research

Searching for the perfect grant that matches your organization's goals and vision can become overwhelming. We are all at the mercy of the funders. We can not make money appear right when we need it. Texas Beacon of Light Outreach can assist you with your research options.

Casual Search

Our organization consistently receives e-mail and grant information on a daily basis. Many times we will receive grant information that may match your organizational needs. On a monthly basis, we will forward all grant opportunities that match your needs for a small one dollar a day fee.

*Please note: Texas Beacon of Light Outreach can not guarantee that you will receive a match each month. Matches are dependent upon availability of funds.

Intense Search

Do you need assistance now or have a project that requires immediate funds? Let TBOL conduct a one month intense search for your organization. TBOL will invest eight hours of intense research time to assist you with locating grant opportunities that match your immediate needs. The great thing about the intense research is that it comes with a money back guarantee, if after one month a grant opportunity that meets your immediate needs has not been identified.

*Please note: The remaining amount of fee will be utilized to compersate our research team.

Grant Writing

I have found the money - Now How Do I Write This?

The hard part is over - you have found the money. Congratulations!! Need help with writing a winning proposal? Our trained grant writers will not just write the grant for you, but will walk you through the process, so you too can become a trained writter, empowering your organization. (in alignment with Texas Beacon of Light Outreach's mission - to empower communities).

After an initial consultation, we will walk you through your grant application process; assisting with needs statements, narratives, timeline/assessment, and budgets.. Service charges are not based on the amount of funding, but on the time it requires to complete small to large applications. Our ethics and grant writing code of conduct, will not allow for Texas Beacon of Light Outreach to charge a percentage of the grant. Our belief is that grant funds should be utilized towards program participants and program activites. Assistance with the grant writing process, does not guarantee receipt of grant funds. Organizations who have completed our Introducion to Grant Writing Training will receive a 10% discount.

Non-Profit Establishment

I have a dream in my heart and now I want it on paper. Let Texas Beacon of Light Outreach be your lighthouse and guide you through obtaining your non-profit status. Texas Beacon of Light Outreach was once a dream and someone guided us through the process. Now let us help you.

Did you know that over 90% of grant funds are granted only to non-profit organizations?  Get your piece of the pie.  Texas Beacon of Light Outreach’s non-profit establishment begins with a DREAM DATE.  During this time you will share your heart and your vision for your non-profit organization.  A Texas Beacon of Light Outreach consultant will listen, assist you with aligning your vision to non-profit requirements and determine if you are eligible to apply for non-profit status.

Many dreams in our hearts die due to lack of funds. Also this process can be overwhelming – you are dealing with the IRS. We make this process a partnership. We agree to do our part – coaching you through the process and ask that you agree to do your part - short assignments needed to be completed during the process. Texas Beacon of Light Outreach’s costs are divided into bite size pieces:

Session I: Initial Consultation/Articles of Incorporation

Session II: State Approval Process

Session III: Scheduled after state approval; Bylaws

Session IV: Government Approval Session A

Session V: Government Approval Session B

Session VI: Package and Delivery

All sessions are approximately 1 1/2 hours and may be conducted via phone conference or in public meeting areas. Session fees are due 5 days prior to scheduled session. Click below to schedule a consultation.

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