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Program Overview

Texas Beacon of Light Outreach offers HANDS ON ACTIVE learning experiences for students in grades K - 12. Each activity is TEKS aligned and involves higher level application. At the start of each session, students will engage in TEAM BUILDING activities which allow the students to build a relationship with the instructor. We believe in capturing the students HEARTS BEFORE capturing their MINDS. This approach has proven to decrease discipline problems in the classroom, therefore maximizing instruction time. Sessions include group work, participation and real life application. All teachers are certified teachers and/or trained by Texas Beacon of Light Outreach.


Academic Enrichment

Math Mania

Students will engage in math activities in which they can apply to real life situations. All activities will reinforce what has been taught during the school day such as basic concepts: multiplication, addition, measurement etc. Students will work in groups to complete hands on projects such as: "Designing your Home using Measurement", "My Parents spend THAT much Money on Bills" and other FUN MATH ACTIVITIES.

Writing Mania

Students will engage in reading & writing activities in which they can apply to real life situations. All activities will reinforce what has been taught during the school day such as inference, writing with detail, comprehension and more. Students will work in groups to complete hands on writing projects based off of books shared in the class. Students will work towards a finished polished written masterpiece. Projects include: "Creating a Commercial", "Characterization Scrapbooks" and other hands on activities.

The Newspaper Project

This is as close to real life application as it gets. Students will apply reading, writing and math skills as they create their own class based Newspaper Company. Students will start by learning how to fill out a job application, choosing their dream job, interviewing and actually getting a pay check to take home (Beacon of Light Bucks). After getting the job - they must keep it- as fast pace challenges begin to enter into the game such as paying the company's lights on time - before they get turned off. Dealing with Ms. Snob - the NEVER satisfied customer. Students will engage in company meetings, help decide how to raise profits, write their own articles and design graphics. Will your students meet the challenge and design their own PERSONAL newspaper before the deadline?

Creative Arts

Music Production

Do you have students that are constantly beating on the desk of humming to themselves? Does it drive you crazy? Turn that negative into a positive by enrolling your student into music production. Students will take the beats that are constantly in their heads and put it into a machine - producing their very own song. Students will learn how to write lyrics, create music using studio production machines and how to record LIVE in a home based studio. The studio will be brought to THEM. Students ready to move on to the next level will record and burn their own CD or create an after school CD including snippets from each student enrolled in the class.

Jewelry Making & Floral Design

Awake the creative hidden talents of your students by adding crafts & floral arranging to your program. Students will learn how to make arrangements used in weddings, proms and special occasions. They will engage in community service projects - creating arrangements and craft projects for the elderly and other citizens of the community. Each finished project can be taken home by the students and shared with their families. Students are offered the opportunity to learn a trade that can be used as a career later on in life. *Cost of Supplies reimbursed by the school.

Music Appreciation

RAP, HIP-HOP, Rock is that all there is to music? Allow your elementary age students to engage in a HIGH ENERGY MUSIC APPRECIATION class. Students will begin class by listening to different styles of music from Beethoven, to James Brown to Will Smith and then journaling about the story it tells. Students will learn to listen to the words of music and appreciate the story behind each song. Students will participate in group musical games that increase listening and team building skills. Students will also enjoy surprise visits from local musicians.


Salsa, Hip Hop, African dance, Meringue, you name it - we've got it. Our teachers are trained professionals in the dance field who enjoy sharing their talents with students. Through our partnership with Step It Up Inc., we provide the best Houston has to offer in dance instructors at an affordable rate.


Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately these days students lack the skills of how to respectfully solve a disagreement. This vital skill can make or break an after school sense of community. Let us lend a hand in engaging students in FUN & PRACTICAL ways of how to solve a disagreement or agree to disagree. This session ranges from how to communicate effectively so that you are heard, to accepting NO from an adult, to how to avoid falling into the hole you've already dug with your actions. Students will role play, laugh and most of all enjoy learning practical, everyday, life long skills.

MEN to MENtorship

Have you noticed the scarcity of programs for young men? Texas Beacon of Light has - and has decided to address the issue. Your Young men will enjoy getting to know respectful men from the community as they engage in MEN to MENtorship activities which include: learning to tie a tie, solving conflicts as a MAN, and other basic skills. Not only will they learn from these men - but they will have fun. After earning points the Men will have the opportunity to play - as men do - basketball, video games etc.


Little Debbies and Sapphires

Through a partnership with Sapphire Community Arts Center, young ladies will indulge in a semester of beautification - INSIDE & OUT. They will discuss: the issues they face as young ladies, how to love themselves inside and out, and the true treasure that is in them. They will also plan their special presentation night - when they walk down the aisle in evening gowns donated, hold their heads high, show off their talents and proclaim to the community - I LOVE ME. Each young lady will be crowned at the end of the ceremony.

Student Team Building

If you want to build family in your program among the students - create teams. TBOL team building days are UNFORGETTABLE. We take FEAR FACTOR to a whole new level - as students AND STAFF engage in TEAM challenges, create team chants and banners and most of all HAVE FUN!

Texas Beacon of Light Outreach offers an array of additional services to assist surrounding communities. Some of these include:

Program Development & Assessment

Grant Research & Writing

Non-Profit Establishment

Staff Team Building & Workshops

GET UP & DO SOMETHING Motivational Speaking

Please contact us for pricing.

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Citizen Schools

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Sharpstown Middle School, HISD

Jane Long Middle School, HISD

Grady Middle School, HISD

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