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President’s Volunteer Service Award

This year, TXBOL Outreach received a letter from President Obama himself stating that as a non-profit organization, they were being awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award. In his letter, President Obama states that America is in need of people, like those of TXBOL, who are willing to combine efforts and seize opportunities to serve our Nation. The President’s Volunteer Service Award is awarded to those Americans who inspire others to engage in community service. The Award recognizes those individuals, families, or organizations, such as TXBOL, who have earned a large cumulative number of hours of service either over a twelve month period or over a lifetime.

To date, The President’s Council has bestowed over 1.5 million awards and this year TXBOL Outreach has joined the select Americans who are “renewing their commitments to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, as neighbors, as communities, and as a Nation.”

“Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great Nation.” -Barack Obama

In 2009, President Obama challenged Americans to serve their communities.


Executive Director, Shanceler Terry and music production teacher, Janece Simpson are presented with the President’s Volunteer Service Award for volunteering and empowering communities through youth programs.

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